Petear is a product by WIND Internet

WIND Internet is a web designer from the Frisian city of Leeuwarden. We have been working for large enterprises, small businesses and government agencies for more than 10 years, building websites, council information systems and paperless conferencing solutions.

No matter how complex the requirements or techniques, we can still proudly say: "We succeeded in each case". We do not supply you with heaps of complex documents and endless tables; nor do we offer a series of non-committal agreements.

Our method is crystal clear and our approach to projects is pleasant, clear and flexible. This works in two ways: if we spend fewer hours than anticipated, this means lower costs for you; and if we need just a few hours more than budgeted, we will let you know well in advance and offer an appropriate solution.

We look forward to hearing how we can help you. It has been a pleasure to meet you.


Peter Wijngaarden

Director of Petear

Two things are central to my professional career: people and computers. The two are related in that I love to help people use a computer in such a way that it supports them in whatever they are doing.

Marcel Klaver

Product Owner

Paperless meetings are not an object as such; rather, they are a way to make meetings run more efficiently. This form of holding meetings can result in some enormous time savings and help avoid a lot of irritations. It is my task to make sure the wishes of our users are translated into good solutions, meanwhile optimising the customer's different processes.

Ronald van Gelderen

Servicedesk Assistant

If you contact our helpdesk, chances are you will get me on the other end of the line. My name is Ronald van Gelderen and I think in terms of solutions.

I have been working for the helpdesk since June 2013 and I'm here to help you solve any problems and answer any questions you might have. With MCSE and many years of experience, I aim at providing a quick and, especially, adequate solution to your issue.