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Dashboard - All meetings in 1 overview

As a Petear user (participant or organiser), you can immediately see which meetings are available for you. On the dashboard, you will see the time and location of a meeting displayed next to the meeting name, which gives you a really useful overview.

What is also convenient is that no app is required. Just log in using your browser, from any device (notebook, tablet, smartphone) and get an immediate overview. Naturally, all browsers are supported (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). 

Agenda – the logical structure for a successful meeting

The agenda, naturally, is central to any meeting, and the same goes for Petear. For each item on the agenda, there is room for a description, which is really useful for preparation purposes, e.g. for new participants. But there is also room for entering your own description, for example if you would like to add important information beforehand. In other words, the agenda is central to Petear. It shows you at a glance what topics will be discussed, and it is easy to add new ones.

Agendapunten in Petear

Documents – the right documents for the right meeting

Forget about hoisting heavy briefcases full of discussion pieces. Using the agenda as the focal point, Petear not only makes meetings easy but also convenient and engaging. You can attach the correct documents to the relevant agenda item. In addition, you can add the latest version whenever you like. In this way, everyone will not only know what the agenda items are but they will always have the latest version. Gone are the times of photocopying documents, carrying heavy briefcases and dripping coffee on documents. 

Notes and annotations – add extra information easily

It is now easier than ever for each participant to make their own notes before and during the meeting. Besides notes, every version of Petear also allows users to highlight text or add drawings (in colour) to a document, and exactly in the right spot, because the notes are added to the agenda item they refer to. This is ideal for preparation and reviewing and perfect for official statements. Annotations – official statements or decisions – are recorded in Petear for everyone. No more questions about decisions; everything can always be reviewed at a later time. Naturally, each note can be shared with other participants of the meeting.

Notities in Petear

Invitations – make everyone from inside or outside the organisation join the meeting

We designed Petear in such a way as to allow you to invite anyone you like to join the meeting, regardless of whether they are your colleagues, external guests or persons from different companies and institutions who would like to gather for a meeting. You send out invitations, while Petear – regardless of the version you use – makes sure everyone can use all the options necessary for a smooth-running meeting.

Address book management – because you don't like doing the same thing twice

Petear includes an address book. You simply add the information once for the persons you wish to invite to your meetings. After that, you will have all the data available and neatly arranged. It will not be necessary to repeat this process, because when you organise your next meeting, you can easily invite previous participants again. That is, Petear will do it for you. We like to make life easier for you and want to help you avoid doing the same thing twice. Another useful option is to link Petear to Outlook. 

Adres Boek beheer met Petear

Device-independent – this means Petear is available on any smartphone, tablet or computer

Petear was designed to be used on any device. Whether your preferred device is an iPhone, a Galaxy Tab, a notebook, or a smartphone, the choice is yours. And this is what makes Petear unique to begin with. There are many advantages: no fuss over downloading that one specific app, or having access to that one specific device. And in the unhappy event your device should be lost or stolen, you will not lose your documents and notes. Simply log in to Petear on another device and everything is available again.


Connects with an existing DMS and CMS – linking is the future

Petear can be linked to any Document Management System (DMS) and Content Management System (CMS).It is stackable, really. At Petear, we believe our users will benefit from being able to link their digital tool set, especially in the future. And this is exactly how we designed Petear, so you can continue to use Petear without any problems, now and in the future.


Safe and reliable – users can always count on Petear

At Petear, we value the security of meetings, notes and documents above anything else. Each Petear user has a unique user name and password. Documents can only be viewed and consulted by the participants of a meeting, not by anyone else. For our hosting services, Petear works with renowned Western European datacenters.

For the connoisseur: we are working with a standard safe Internet connection with 256-bit SSL encryption (for the non-expert: this is extremely secure, as may be expected from us).

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